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Syndicate III (The Council)

Location Chapel Gallery
From Saturday 25 November 2017 -  10:00am
To Sunday 04 February 2018 - 04:00pm

Exhibition opening Friday 24 November, 6pm

The Council is a new body of work by Western Australian artist Stuart Elliott, underpinned by his philosophical approach of *fakeology,  - bogus archaeology. 

For these imposing sculptural  works, the back line of a set of life size chess pieces has been the departure point.  Although their forms are consistent with that of a human - or bipedal primate at least - the exact nature of the contents of their clothing or even the precise purposes of that clothing is intended to remain ambiguous.  Not monstrous as such, but certainly enigmatic or unsettling as high office generally is.  A suite of paintings and texts accompany the works, providing context and alluding to the obscure but resonant histories of these figures.

This exhibition is the third iteration of the Syndicate – a project developed by Lloyd Horn and a federation of like-minded philanthropists.  The collective intention is to offer a chosen artist time to focus on a body of work, with each member of the Syndicate to receive an equal portion of that body of work.  This project has been offered three times to three different sculptors, the common denominator being that the resultant works centre on life size human figures  


Image: Stuart Elliott, The Council (detail), 2017, mixed media



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