Bunbury Biennale 2023



Bunbury Biennale 2023: Culture / Nature

Exhibition Dates: 2 April – 4 June 2023




The Bunbury Biennale is a major West Australian contemporary art event with an acquisitive component. It was initiated in 1993 with the aim to acquire new works from the Biennale to expand and diversify the City of Bunbury Art Collection. The other purpose of this exhibition is to engage and educate the public on new trends in contemporary arts practices.

Since its inception the Biennale has been an open platform for artists to present the latest trends in cutting edge contemporary art, pushing boundaries, exploring challenging concepts and stretching limits.

The 2023 Bunbury Biennale provides the theme Culture / Nature with the purpose of presenting a cohesive survey of WA contemporary arts practices.

Sweeping shifts in our environment, often the result of human activities, are disrupting norms around the world.  Civilization as we know it is transitioning through a radical moment in history. While many may feel confounded by the larger threats posed by environmental change, artists, designers, and craftspeople are at the forefront of asking what our relationship to the environment is, has been, and could be, going forward.

In response, the Bunbury Biennale 2023 will be an event comprised of exhibitions, performances, film screenings, and public events, all focused on thinking through the dynamics of human activities in relation to the more than human world. Organised around the theme “Culture/Nature,” the project will invite the public to engage with a wide array of creative practitioners dedicated to critically engaging the environment in a myriad of ways. 



- Eligible artists are those who have resided in Western Australia for more than one year prior to April 2023.

- All works submitted for the 2023 Bunbury Biennale must be original work of the artist and must have been created between April 2022 and April 2023 and NOT have been previously exhibited.

- All entry forms as well as 6 digital images of recent work (maximum of 2GB in total), a recent CV (no more than 2 pages), artist statement (no more than 200 words), and entry fee must be received by 4pm on Friday 23 September 2022. No late entries will be accepted.

- The exhibition will open on Saturday 1 April 2023 and run until Sunday 4 June 2023. Work must be available for the entire duration of the exhibition.

- Entry fee is $35.50 (non- refundable) per artist. Entries and relevant documentation must be submitted online via the link below.

If you experience any issues or require assistance with your online submission please contact the gallery on 9792 7323 between opening hours (Mon to Sun, 10am - 4pm)




- A selection panel will consider entry submissions and selected artists will be notified by Monday 10 October 2022.

- The selection panel reserve the right to select works for the Bunbury Biennale 2023.

- The selection process will be based on both the quality and variety so that the exhibition reflects both the standard and the broad range of work submitted.

- The City of Bunbury reserves the right to exclude works for the exhibition.



- Sales of artworks by shortlisted artists who are represented by a commercial gallery will incur a commission of 40% to be shared 50:50 by Bunbury Regional Art Gallery and the other gallery. All other sales will incur a commission of 33% retained by Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, sale price to include GST and Gallery commission, multiples (diptych, triptych etc) will not be sold as separate works, and artists will receive a payment within 30 days of the sale on receipt of full payment from the purchaser, artworks cannot be removed from display until the exhibition closes.

- Artworks may be acquired for the City of Bunbury Art Collection from the Biennale 2023 exhibition.



- Artworks must be delivered to the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery between 10am and 4pm on Monday 13, Tuesday 14 & Wednesday 15 March 2023.

- A delivery form must be securely attached, but not glued, to each artwork.

- Artists must arrange and meet the cost of freight to and from the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. No artwork will be accepted where there is freight to pay.

- All entries must be appropriately packed to withstand travel. The City of Bunbury will not accept responsibility for works damaged in transit.

- Insurance cover during transit to and from the gallery is the responsibility of the shortlisted artists.

- Selected artworks will be covered by the City of Bunbury insurance policy whilst on exhibition only (excess $2500)

- All works must be suitably presented, and ready for exhibition. Framing is optional. Artworks must meet health and safety standards when installed or may risk rejection from the exhibition.

- All two- dimensional works must be fitted with D-latches positioned 30mm from the top of the work.

- Unsold works must be collected on Monday 5 June and Tuesday 6 June 2023 between 10am and 4pm. The City of Bunbury accepts no responsibility for the safekeeping of works after this date.



- In accordance with Australia’s Moral Rights legislation, the Gallery will publish the Artist’s specified copyright credit line as provided by the Artist. This will appear with any reproduction of the artwork.

- Bunbury Regional Art Gallery and the City of Bunbury recognise artists always retain copyright of their artwork, the Gallery and the City of Bunbury reserve the right to reproduce images supplied by artists for non-commercial promotional purposes on their websites and social media pages, in BUNBURY BIENNALE 2023 publicity material and in the exhibition catalogue, shortlisted artists must grant the Gallery and City of Bunbury non-exclusive rights to publish supplied images for non-commercial promotional purposes, with an appropriate credit line,

artwork image reproduction rights will last for 5 years, aside from archival use which is perpetual, any recognisable people depicted in artworks must have given written consent for their image to be used for promotional purposes, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery reserves the right to produce and publish new images of selected artworks for non-commercial promotional purposes.



If lockdown occurs when BUNBURY BIENNALE 2023 is on show, the Gallery will endeavour to digitise the exhibition and upload a virtual tour onto the website.



- Monday 26 September 2022 – closing date for expressions of interest,

- Monday 10 October 2022 – all artists notified of the selection process outcome,

- Monday 13, Tuesday 14 & Wednesday 15 March 2023 - artwork delivery (shortlisted artists will be advised of details as well as installation requirements before the delivery date),

- Saturday 1 April 2023 – Bunbury Biennale 2023 launch night,

- Sunday 4 June 2023 – Bunbury Biennale 2023 closes,

- Monday 5 June & Tuesday 6 June 2023 – all exhibited artworks to be picked up from the Gallery by this date.



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