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From Saturday 31 July 2021 -  10:00am
To Sunday 19 September 2021 - 04:00pm

Saturday 31 July 2021   10:00am

Albatross: An exhibition about birds, curated by Mandy Harwood and Rizzy.

We have a fascination for birds and their mysterious flights. Birds are so diverse they have enchanted humans throughout the ages. They have come to symbolise almost every aspect of humanity, there is it seems, a bird for everything. Bird idioms and metaphors are interspersed throughout many cultures, from Aboriginal Dreamtime, Egypt, the Americas and Europe.

“Like a duck to water”, “Proud as a peacock” or “To have an albatross around your neck” which alludes to Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem "the rime of the ancient mariner”, in which a sailor shoots a friendly albatross and is forced to wear it's carcass around his neck as punishment. People have used birds as an allegory for our success and our woes.

The delicate constitution of birds makes them a useful litmus test. They are biological indicators of the changing seasons, habitat health and climate change. Humans’ impact on birds has never been greater than now. The canary in the coal mine has signalled we are in danger.

Mandy and I invite you to our exhibition that delves into the link between people and birds. This exhibition includes works by a varied selection of contemporary west Australian artists.

Mandy Harwood

Amanda Bell

Stephen Genovese

Gemma Ben-Ary

Susan Flavell

Nicole Mickle

Angela Stewart

Anastasija Komarnyckyj

Alex Mickle

Rebecca Dagnall




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