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17 May 2017    -    17 April 2022
    20220326 Rizzy.jpg

    Museum of Loss

    Saturday 16 April 2022 - Sunday 26 June 2022
    A group exhibition by Rizzy, Susan Flavell, Lara Rose, Olga Cironis, Gemma Ben-Ary and Stephen Genovese.  Scientists warn we are on the verge of a new era of mass extinction. The biggest threat to our biodiversity.. is us. Australia is at the fore ...

    John Collis I Just Flags

    Saturday 09 April 2022 - Sunday 12 June 2022
    ABOUT THE EXHIBITION It has been shown that exposure to the American flag increases nationalism (a sense of superiority over others) but has no effect on patriotism ( the love and commitment to one's country). Kammelmeier,M., & Winter,D.G. (2008) "Sowing Patriotism, but ...
    20220326 Jenny Barr.jpg

    Jenny Potts Barr I Ever Evers: of "other loves and landscapes"

    Saturday 02 April 2022 - Monday 06 June 2022
    Experiments in visual poetry and contemporary drawing by Jenny Potts Barr. Featuring the poetry of Miriam Wei Wei Lo. ‘Ever Evers’ is an undefined ‘scape’ where imagination and autobiography mix. ‘Ever Evers’ moves between a private shell museum called “The Bellview”, the imaginary ...
    Website - SWAN.jpg

    South West Art Now (SWAN) 2022

    Saturday 26 March 2022 - Sunday 15 May 2022
    Bunbury Regional Art Gallery's popular exhibition South West Art Now (SWAN) returns in 2022. South West Art Now is a biennial survey of new work by artists who live in the South West corner of WA. This year's show attracted a ...
    20220219 The Survey.jpg

    City Collection I 'The Survey' Revisited

    Saturday 19 February 2022 - Sunday 10 April 2022
    Revisit the works of SWAN....   ‘The Survey’ became the generic name for an exhibition that was first held in 1987 when the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery opened its doors to the public. It showcases new works by artists living and working ...
    20220129 Anita Shortland.jpg

    Anita Shortland | Rhythms of Place

    Saturday 29 January 2022 - Sunday 03 April 2022
    Rhythms of Place is a new series of expressive paintings that explores our connection to people through places, and to places through people. Familiar landmarks give the series its own sense of location and represent Bunbury, as a place of ...
    20220101 Zac Bruce.jpg

    Zac Bruce | Fountains of Dwayne

    Saturday 22 January 2022 - Sunday 27 March 2022
    The idea of an imminent apocalypse has a rich history in the human imagination. In each era terrible new foes, natural and otherwise, seem to climb the ramparts of life on earth: from the great flood to ‘judgement day’, the ice ...
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    Caitlin Lomax, Matteo Mazzela & Ben Wilson | Corrupted-Gallery-File_Final

    Monday 10 January 2022 - Thursday 10 February 2022
    As the world gets closer to a real metaverse people are questioning what life would be like in a completely simulated environment. We don't think it will replace reality entirely but extend it. Our immersive experience which explores this idea of the ...

    City Collection | Bequests

    Monday 20 December 2021 - Sunday 13 March 2022
    BEQUESTS Gifts from the City of Bunbury Art Collection Bequests and donations form a large part of the City of Bunbury Art Collection. These gifts enabled the City of Bunbury to acquire significant works of art which might otherwise be out of ...
    _DSC0389 copy.jpg

    Christmas Shop 2021

    Saturday 11 December 2021 - Sunday 23 January 2022
      The Bunbury Regional Art Gallery’s much beloved Christmas Shop exhibition is back for another year. There is nothing more wonderful than receiving a handmade fine art object in your Christmas stocking, and Christmas Shop has always been a perfect opportunity to ...
    20220101 Monique Tippett.jpg

    Monique Tippett | My Darling – Forest Souls

    Saturday 04 December 2021 - Sunday 27 February 2022
      “My Darling – Forest Souls’ is Monique Tippett's first exhibition held at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery and is a survey of her most recent work, including works on loan from the Janet Holmes A Court Collection. The exhibition came about after ...
    20220101 transformations.jpg

    There Were Moments of Transformation

    Saturday 27 November 2021 - Sunday 06 March 2022
      There Were Moments of Transformation explores the power and fragility of transformation through video, jewellery, glass, ceramics and sculpture. Featuring works by international artists including Auguste Rodin, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and William Kentridge alongside local pieces by WA artists such as ...
    Nature of Being 1 (002).jpg

    City Collection | Splendour

    Saturday 13 November 2021 - Saturday 08 January 2022
      Splendour Works from the City of Bunbury Art Collection   The term ‘seascape’ was said to originate back to the 16th Century. As opposed to landscapes, a seascape portrays a view either from the coastline or at sea. This can include scenes from ...
    Roelands Mission_2009_Acrylic on Canvas_Pauline Moran.jpg

    Pauline Moran: Mission Stories

    Saturday 23 October 2021 - Sunday 16 January 2022
    Pauline Moran was born in 1959 at Gnowangerup in south-west Western Australia. Like many of her generation, as a child she was removed from her family and placed in Roelands Mission near Collie. Despite the unfortunate circumstances of her coming ...
    Carmen Tyler _ The Colour of the Sun.jpg

    Walk A Mile In My Shoes

    Monday 11 October 2021 - Sunday 31 October 2021
    Mental Health Week WA 2021 The now annual exhibition supported by City of Bunbury, BRAG, Pathways Southwest, and Moshi Moshi cover image: Carmen Tyrer - The Colour of the Sun (2021)


    Saturday 25 September 2021 - Sunday 05 December 2021
    In keeping with the Indian Ocean Triennial theme “curiosity and rituals of the everyday”, the collaboration between members of Bunbury Studio Potters and Bunbury Weavers seeks to focus attention on a particular aspect of the everyday; the ritual setting of ...

    City Collection | Winter Warmers

    Saturday 18 September 2021 - Sunday 12 December 2021
    Works from the City of Bunbury Art Collection As German modernist artist Paul Klee said, ‘Colour is the place where our brain and the Universe meet’. The element of colour is central to humankind’s being. It functions at a subliminal ...

    Iluka Visions 2021

    Saturday 18 September 2021 - Sunday 21 November 2021
    Iluka Visions is Bunbury Regional Art Gallery’s annual High School Exhibition – showcasing the depth of talent and creativity in the visual arts across schools of the South West. Thanks to the support of Iluka Resources, each year BRAG is ...
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    Prue Venables | Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft

    Saturday 11 September 2021 - Sunday 14 November 2021
    Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft Prue Venables presents an outstanding body of work by one of Australia’s greatest artists working in clay. Acclaimed ceramicist Prue Venables is the ninth artist in the Australian Design Centre series Living Treasures: Masters ...
    Website 2.jpg


    Saturday 11 September 2021 - Sunday 07 November 2021
    ‘Oblivion’ is a word heavy with meaning and the threat thereof is central to the contemporary mindset. Further to the migrant experience and fears of pending ecological and societal collapse, our complex digital lives can also elicit significant issues and outcomes. There ...

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