Walking With The Ancestors I Elaine Clocherty & Co

From Saturday 10 September 2022 -  10:00am
To Sunday 13 November 2022 - 04:00pm

Saturday 10 September 2022   10:00am

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This body of works was by Elaine Clocherty with Vivian Brockman and Mitchella Hutchins, and members of the Margaret River Community.

A five year project developed along the Ellensbrook - Mokidup in WA, with input and collaboration with Wardandi Matriarch Vivian Brockman and daughter Mitchella Hutchins.
Centered around three site specific artworks created by Scottish migrant Clocherty, in the upper, middle and lower sections of the brook and relationships developed with Wardandi country, Vivian and Mitchella and the Margaret River community. The exhibition looks at the artist's journey into “knowing one's own ancestors and culture to know another's” (Brockman-Webb) looking at key sorry stories in her own family history. Also, the importance of Water for Life and the history of the Wardandi, where Ellensbrook – Mokidup meanders to the ocean.
The first artwork, Acknowledgement, created at what was the newly established residency/art space The Farm Margaret River in 2017. Clocherty investigated her own family’s agricultural history and for the first time felt the sorry story remnants left in the soil and water.
The second, Honouring created mid way along the brook at south eastern section of Fair Harvest Permaculture Farm and was funded through an International Residency Prize awarded by AININ - Artists In Nature International Network. This work focused on Water for Life and relating to country.
Finally, Winyarn Beela – Sorry Water created on the grounds of the first colonial homestead in the Margert River area and which later became a small mission for children of the Stolen Generation. This work was a collaboration with Vivian and Mitchella and as a community artwork created with lots of help from the Margaret River Community. Its focus was to acknowledge and heal from the sorry stories so we can “Walk together in Unity to take care of Wardandi Country together. (Brockman-Webb)
The artists hope other community members will see the benefits of working through their own inter-generational trauma from the loss of connection with their ancestral birthplaces and culture, recognise the need to acknowledge colonisation for First Nations people and deepen their connection to Country and community.
Elaine Clocherty - "As a site specific artist, I often work directly in the landscape, using found local natural materials whilst following my intuition to genuinely collaborate with the landscape. Allowing the stories and characteristics of a place to directly inform the work. Since 2014, I try to engage the local Indigenous community on whose land the sculpture is made, at a minimum, to get permission and if the stars align, input and collaboration. This exhibition Walking with the Ancestors begins a new chapter for me, engaging in multifaceted story telling and presentation of large-scale artworks and documentation for the gallery context.
During the last 23 years my interventions in the landscape and gallery context have been shown locally, nationally and internationally. With a BA Fine Art and BA (honours) Sustainable Development I has been involved in many exhibitions including Sculpture By The Sea (SXS) Cottesloe, Bondi & Arhus, including winning the Helen Lempriere Sculpture Scholarship SXS Bondi 2014, Land Art Poland, Guandu Sculpture Exhibition, Taiwan and kNOw Nature, India.
Discover more about Elaine's previous works by visiting her website: www.elaineclocherty.com
or follow her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/elaineclochertyart


Gain a further insight into this 5 year project and hear from the artist herself at the next Artist Talk scheduled for Saturday 12 November, 1pm. This is a free event, registrations required. 



Image: Elaine Clocherty, Ancestor Boat, 2021.



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