Modern Masters

Location Ron Middleton Gallery
From Saturday 16 November 2019 -  10:00am
To Sunday 23 February 2020 - 04:00pm

This exhibition showcases work by some of the finest of modernist Australian landscape painters including Indigenous artists from the City of Bunbury Art Collection. These artists have played a significant role in how the Australian landscape can be perceived.

The works span from the early 1900’s to present, and provide a fascinating journey through culture, symbology and the ever- changing relationship between people and land. The severe forms and outline, uncompromising colours and geological contour of the Australian landscape readily lent itself to a modern approach.

Indigenous art mainly has a different approach to Western art in the way in which landscapes are presented. Many Indigenous paintings show the terrain more as a map seen from above. This accords with the idea that Indigenous people needed to maintain a conceptual map in their head of the territory over which they travelled. Some Indigenous artists have made a conscious choice to present landscapes of their own Country more in the format familiar in Western art.

This exhibition presents an opportunity to compare and contemplate the variety of styles and interpretations of the Australian landscape.

Image: Arthur Boyd, Wimmera Landscape, oil on board, 91 x 124.5 cm.



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