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Alice Alder | Finding Home

Location Convent Gallery
From Saturday 06 April 2019 -  10:00am
To Sunday 26 May 2019 - 04:00pm

Exhibition opening event will be held on Friday 5 April, 6pm - 8pm. Entry is free and all are welcome. See you there!

Over the past year, Alice Alder has focused on the meaning of place and home. Exploring painting in different locations around the South West, she has captured the sense of a lost longing to find home in the unconventional sense. For Alder, "my personal journey is to find where my home is in the ever-changing environment". Alder's personal journey is to find where her home is in the ever-changing environment. The places she grew up in are no longer there; housing developments now pollutes her childhood memories. In this exhibition, Alder explores the question: "can I still find a sense of belonging in a place that is more a memory than tangible?"

Image credit: Alice Alder, Calming Skys (detail), 2018, oil on canvas, 60 x 60 cm.



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