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Noongar Country 2018 | Two Worlds

Location Lower Gallery
From Saturday 07 July 2018 -  10:00am
To Sunday 26 August 2018 - 04:00pm

Noongar Country is an annual exhibition celebrating the diversity and quality of work by Indigenous artists residing on Noongar Country. The exhibition invites senior and emerging artists, and highlights the many styles, stories and talents.

The theme Two Worlds is inspiring for artists and intriguing for viewers, as it triggers and challenges the artists to showcase how they live in their “Two Worlds” as Indigenous people of this country and how it affects their everyday lives.

From what it’s like living in today’s society, to what it means and feels like to be a part of the oldest culture in a modern world of 2018.

From dealing with mental and physical challenges in their everyday lives and the things that separate Aboriginal people from those around them. 

Join us in celebrating the Two Worlds and what that means for our indigenous artists. With portraits, landscapes, sculpture and video, come and see, hear and witness our Indigenous talent from across our great Noongar Country. Immerse yourself in culture and gain an insight into the worlds of our first Nations People.


Exhibition opens Friday 6 July, 6pm. All are welcome! 

Image: Naomi Grant, Tidal, 2010, acrylic and collage.



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